Pop Goes The Weasel, RCA

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Pop goes the Weasel’ presents new and recent work by Ann Carrington at The Royal College of Art. For Carrington, all objects are saturated with cultural meaning, which, as an artist she seeks to explore, unravel and investigate – breathing extraordinary new life into ordinary items like coins, buttons, knives and forks and barbed wire.

This exhibition reveals a witty repurposing of everyday items which are transformed through often surprising and unlikely marriages of materials and method. Works on show include a collection of handsome gold, silver and bronze urns, collectively titled “Pots of Money” made from oversized coins and individually named after Las Vegas slot machines – Zillionaire, Midas Spin, Volcano Gold – evoking the dream of winning real gold, and inspired by childhood memories of her father’s coin collecting.

Also on show – two grandiose galleons woven from strings of pearls cruising on a tangled sea of wedding tiaras, chokers and earrings; magical transformations of knives forks and spoons into arrangements of flowers; a cascade of horse brasses ‘sewn’ together to evoke lace curtains and a series of gargantuan coins, the size of satellite dishes, beaten from discarded drinks cans
On public display for the first time since the Queens diamond jubilee will be the ‘Royal Jubilee Banner’ – commissioned by the Queen in celebration of her diamond Jubilee in 2012. The banner which gallantly hung from the stern of the Royal Barge as it made its way up the Thames through lashing rain, wind and waves to London Bridge is embroidered with over half a million golden buttons.

The exhibition catalogue has a foreword by Sir Paul Smith a long term champion and collector of Ann Carrington’s artworks.

‘Pop goes the Weasel!’ 14th July – 31st July 2016 The Royal College of Art Kensington Gore London SW7 2EU