Pom Pom Pompadour

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Paul Smith is delighted to present a collection of exquisite works by British artist Ann Carrington at his gallery in Mayfair. Ann Carrington specialises in repurposing everyday objects and transforming them into grand, impressive artworks that point to broader cultural peculiarities. A long time personal friend, Ann has worked with Paul Smith for many years. Aesthetically, the two share an ability to take the traditional and spin it into something truly special.

The use of discarded, found and multiples of objects is a fundamental element of Carrington’s art. Knives and forks, barbed wire, pins and paintbrushes come with their own readymade histories and associations which can be unravelled and analysed if rearranged, distorted or realigned to give them new meaning as sculpture. Breathing extraordinary new life into every day, ordinary items, the exhibition will feature feather headdresses made from coat hangers, floral displays from silver spoons and butterflies with artist’s palettes for wings. A schooner sailing vessel has been meticulously woven from colossal quantities of pearl necklaces.  Sights that may seem strange and peculiar become everyday occurrences in the subversive world of Ann Carrington.

Pom Pom Pompadour’ by Ann Carrington at Paul Smith, No. 9 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London from 11th March 2015 until 8th April 2015.